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    DOIZPE, stands out for the designer's name and her two last names. The mission is to develop a brand that is socially responsible and to create accessories that go further than their aesthetic value. Designing for the fearless and on- the go- girl, always looking for adventures around the world.

    DOIZPE  bags  are  more  than  just  an  accessory. They  are  crafted  by  artisan women  in  Guadalajara  and  San  Mateo  Atenco  in  Mexico  with  eco-synthetic leather lining, genuine 50% vegetable leather. For certain handbags, DOIZPE works with Taller Maya in Merida, Yucatán to create the woven palm leaves appliqués, that are made by Mayan artisans in Campeche and Mérida, Mexico empowering women and preserving ancient crafting techniques.



    We manufacture all of our products to the highest quality standards. If the handbag proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use anytime within the first 3 months of your purchase, we will repair or replace the item free of charge with the same product.

    Please be aware that given the natural character of leather there may be slight variations in the finish. Over time the leather will acquire a patina and may also darken due to the oils from your skin and direct sunlight, further enhancing the natural look of your handbag. Also keep in mind that each palm leaf appliqués is unique because it is handmade. No two are the same. There may be a variation in the color and or form of the palm leaves.