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    Her story

    The year was 1997, and on one Sunday morning in Mexico City with 11 years old, Dora was laying on her parents bed watching Galliano’s Circus  fashion show. It was at this moment that she was first exposed to fashion. Throughout her teens, she would experiment with the limited materials she had to create alternative clothing and accessories. At the age of 24, upon completing her Industrial Design degree from Mexico City and Australia, there was no doubt that accessories, would be the focus of her career.

    While living at the Mckibbin Lofts in Brooklyn in 2012, she collaborated with the renowned fashion designer Rolando Santana, at the American luxury leather goods brand Be&D and at Milk Studios in New York City.

    On 2014, Dora moved to Florence, Italy to collaborate at Idee Partners. Where accessories of luxury and renowned brands are developed and produced with the Made in Italy essence.

    The following year, she was nominated as one of the 5 accessories semifinalist in Who’s On Next, Vogue Mexico. Also, during this year she was a finalist at The Handbag Designer Awards under the category of “Most Socially Responsible Handbag” in New York City.

    By 2016, she was a finalist a the Abury Design Experience in Berlin, Germany and once again at The Handbag Designer Awards. 

    Nowadays she lives in Brooklyn, NY expanding her creativity and accessories knowledge, while she also plays the violin.